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Talk to Inspire

How many times have your words of wisdom been ignored?

It can be a common occurrence.

But getting your audience to listen and inspiring them to act can be easy.

Let me teach you how

Each week the “Talk to Inspire” bulletin will explain different aspects of improving your verbal communication.

Whoever it is that you are talking to:

Speaker to audiences

Manager to workers

Director to managers

Prospect to employers

Salesperson to buyers

Teacher to pupils

Parents to children

Hi I’m Ian

I’ve spent a lifetime addressing a variety of audiences, large and small.

And I mean a lifetime!

I began my speaking career at the tender age of 14 years and have never stopped to this day.

There was a lot to learn, and I’ve never stopped studying inspiring speakers, persuasive presenters and effective talkers.

I’m convinced that “talking to inspire” is a skill that anyone can acquire, it’s not a gift available only to the few.

My own talking life has included:

  • Presenting to business directors/owners
  • Motivating managers and their teams
  • Listening to and negotiating with trade unions
  • Giving talks to audiences of up to 1,000 people
  • Speaking at international trade conventions
  • Supporting agents on site across most European countries
  • Leading multi-national trade shows including Russia

And of course . . .

  • Supporting my wife, two children and five grandchildren.

At the young age of seventy-seven, I still give talks to business directors and groups of adults, parents and children helping them refresh their goals and achieve their dreams.”

This isn’t to brag, just to convince you that “I know what I’m talking about” and can teach you to “talk to inspire” whoever your audience is, be it one person or many.

So, what do others say about me

I have had the privilege of listening to Ian on many occasions – he has the amazing ability to keep you hanging on every word.! Ian delivers exceptional motivational talks in a way that makes the spoken word come alive! 

His ideas and insight combined with humour and illustrations are dynamically presented which make the talk both enjoyable and motivating.

Chris Lapthorne

Head of Marketing – Luxaflex UK

Ian is that rare combination, a creative pragmatist.  He is all over the numbers and the detail, driving effectiveness in everything he does and commissions.

. . . he demands innovation and welcomes fresh ideas.

I’ve produced some of my best work with Ian’s encouragement.

Steve Yelland – Director at J44 Brand Consulting

Macca is a rare find! He has great insight, integrity, clarity of thought and the ability to articulate complex problems into simple to understand scenarios . . .

Jamie Rae – Founder Throat Cancer Foundation

Ian is the consummate professional . . . He constantly thinks out of the box and is highly in tune with the customer . . . Ian is an exceptional man manager, motivates his team and gets brilliant results . . . thank him for his diligence and the results he produced

Bobby Bhogal – MD A1 Comms Ltd.

It’s not difficult . . .

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